See The Future with Vision

Imagine that you have a bow and arrow in your hands right now. You pull back and take aim at a white wall and release. Then you walk up, pull out your red marker, and draw a bullseye around it. Imagine the joy you feel knowing that you hit your target! OK. Time for a reality check. Everything about this is backwards. But let’s set the bow down and pick up a few others things...

Where is Your Finish Line?

I was sitting at a table at ONYX Coffee Lab in Springdale with my mentor early one morning in April last year. The focus of our conversation was how to better invest in our family. We had been meeting once a month for the last four months. I had his trust and he had mine. There was a moment where the conversation paused and he asked a question that I will never forget, “Nick, where is your finish line?”

The Visionary Leader - Part Two

My dad is the kind of guy who loves to laugh, loves to kid around, and loves to tease. Growing up as one of his kids, he would take us out of school to go fishing, sit beside our bed at night and share stories, and involved us in most every aspect of his life. But when it came to minding him, there was no “Mr. Nice Guy.” While he seemed easy going and carefree in much of his life and style of parenting, there was no messing around when it came to obeying and minding what he said.