Faith @ Work

Where is Your Focus?

There are moments and seasons in life that cause us to lose focus - or just utterly freak out! Whether it is through crisis and loss - if you are anything like me - there is a tendency to respond initially with anxiety and worry. The question on my mind this week has been, “What would it take for me to respond with anticipation, rather than anxiety?” I think it comes down to one simple thing…

Some Best Loved Christian Music: "Because He Lives"

Researching the stories behind the Christian hymns of our faith for this month’s blogs has been a particular joy for me.  Learning about the experiences that others came through that brought them to a closer walk with God is very uplifting.  It is amazing how the Lord inspired them to put their experiences into musical form to inspire and encourage so many.  The one that lifts me more than any other when I feel depressed, discouraged, or pondering some unwanted news is “Because He Lives,” by Bill and Gloria Gaither. 

Some Best Loved Christian Music: In The Garden

Music has power to communicate, inspire, and to change.  According to Don Campbell (founder of Institute for Music, Health and Education) music can communicate to us even when we’re not influenced by the words of a song.  He says, “Music impacts physiology on a deep, basic level.  The human heartbeat is especially attuned to sound-changes in tempo and volume act as natural pacemakers.  Breathing slows down or speeds up along with the music.”

Some Best Loved Passages In The Bible: John 3:16

As I travel the Southwest City area I see large signs nailed to fence post with Bible scripture references on them. One of these is John 3:16. Often we see someone in the bleachers at a baseball or football games holding up a sign bearing that Bible verse. Children who attend church, especially the Sunday School hour, are taught and encouraged to memorize John 3:16...

Some Best Loved Passages In The Bible: Psalm 51:10-12

The story of David in the Bible is one that we are drawn to because we can relate to so many things he goes through. At one point in his story, David is sad; he is lonely; he feels so empty. And in his emptiness, he understands what it feels like to not walk with God. He has experienced the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; He has experienced the joy of salvation, and now he feels alone...