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Chaplain Larry Hendren

Van Buren, AR & Decatur, AR


O: 479-215-2432  

C: 479-238-4510   

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What did you do before coming to Simmons? 

I worked as Chaplain for Good Shepherd Hospice, Grove, Oklahoma. I was a pastor and missionary pilot in the years before that.

When and why did you become a Chaplain? 

It might seem a bit cliche to say it this way, but I'm convinced that God drew me into it. When first asked to consider chaplaincy, my thought was, "Thanks, but no thanks." Once involved in the lives of people through chaplaincy I knew that this was for me. That was in 2006.

Where did you go to school? 

I went to school at Jay, Oklahoma from elementary through high school, then Junior College at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M in Miami, Oklahoma. I graduated NEO in 1971, then in 1974 enrolled at Central Baptist College in Conway, Arkansas majoring in Bible for three years. From there I transferred to LeTourneau College in Longview, Texas in 1977. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree from LeTourneau, majoring in Missions/Aviation in 1980.


Where have you lived? 

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I grew up on a farm near Maysville, Arkansas, then Conway, Arkansas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Longview, Texas; San Jose, Costa Rica; Santa Cruz, Bolivia, South America; Lisbon, Portugal; Cape Verde Islands, Africa; Gentry, Arkansas. 

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I enjoy gardening, hunting, and fishing.

What is one of your favorite quotes? 

"It ain't over till it's over." Of all the times I've had, this is one of them.

Do you have any pets or raise any animals? 

My wife has a cat that seems to like me better than she does my wife. I don't love the cat at all...I struggle to even like the cat. I tolerate the cat because I love my wife.

If you could do anything for one day and money is not an issue, what would you do? 

Rent an airplane and go flying again.

Who have been the most influential people in your life? 

My wife. My dad. Three of my pastors, Roy Galyean, Tom Netherton, and Dr. Harold Cooper.