Where is Your Focus?

There are moments and seasons in life that cause us to lose focus - or just utterly freak out! Whether it is through crisis and loss - if you are anything like me - there is a tendency to respond initially with anxiety and worry. The question on my mind this week has been, “What would it take for me to respond with anticipation, rather than anxiety?” I think it comes down to one simple thing…

Which Way is Up?

One theme that runs throughout the scriptures is… “Trust Me.” That is our message from God. When I started flying lessons my instructor asked me, “Larry, do you trust me?” Of course I said yes. “But do you trust me enough to believe that there is no situation that you can get this aircraft into that I cannot get it out of?” I had to think on that a minute. I had to trust him enough to believe that he was not going to let anything bad happen.

Sometimes We Never Know Why

Job never knew why. In my study Bible the commentary introducing the book of Job says, “Job is the hero of the book which bears his name.” I’m pretty sure, after having read the book, that there were times that Job didn’t feel very much like a hero. The whole premise of the book is that good, upright, men and women sometimes have to deal with severe and unexplainable (from a human viewpoint) sorrows.

The Big Why

So, having re-read last week’s blog I ask myself, “What am I suggesting?” Am I suggesting that God is uncaring or unconcerned about His sons and daughters, or even worse that He is having a big laugh at my anger, grief, and pain? No, it doesn’t feel right to feel that way…then or now. But I am ready to admit that I might have wondered about it. I certainly asked, WHY?