Which Way is Up?

One theme that runs throughout the scriptures is… “Trust Me.” That is our message from God. When I started flying lessons my instructor asked me, “Larry, do you trust me?” Of course I said yes. “But do you trust me enough to believe that there is no situation that you can get this aircraft into that I cannot get it out of?” I had to think on that a minute. I had to trust him enough to believe that he was not going to let anything bad happen.

What You Think May Not Be So

What you think about a person may not always be true. And, what you have heard said about a person may not be true.

A few years ago I went to a hospital in Tulsa to be with a Simmons’ employee and family whose small child was having surgery. As we were sitting in the waiting room, one of the teenage boys noticed my boots. Having already been introduced as a company chaplain, he said, “I thought a preacher would be wearing dress shoes.” I responded by saying, “Well, these are dress boots.”

Where is Your Finish Line?

I was sitting at a table at ONYX Coffee Lab in Springdale with my mentor early one morning in April last year. The focus of our conversation was how to better invest in our family. We had been meeting once a month for the last four months. I had his trust and he had mine. There was a moment where the conversation paused and he asked a question that I will never forget, “Nick, where is your finish line?”