Effective Communication: Connecting with an Audience

I have always had an almost insatiable fear of speaking in front of people. Fear of embarrasing myself, or saying something foolish. I was so concerned about what other people thought about me that the anxiety was almost more than I could handle. It wasn't until learning some of these keys to communicating in front of an audience that I gained confidence to speak in front of large groups. I want to share a few of them with you today...

Effective Communication: Connecting with a Group

How do you increase your effectiveness in connecting with others in a group? This blog unpacks each of these questions and gives some practical tips and tools to become a more effective communicator. I’ll also give you a framework for living out Simmons Values as you are connecting with a group of people during the next meeting or presentation that you give.

What Makes a Leader Great?

Have you ever worked for someone you believed in so much that you would walk through walls for? Maybe you’ve had a teacher, pastor, maybe its your spouse or a parent - someone who influenced your by the way they lived and the way they led others. The greatest leaders find a way to balance relationships and results. In every leadership role, there is a tension when it comes to how we get things done. If you want some practical tips to becoming a more effective leader, teacher, parent or spouse - keep reading...

Embody the Values

The last few weeks, we have discussed The Secret (Ken Blanchard) to effective leadership. This is the final week of this blog series, and it is one that I am most passionate about - living our Values. Our Values should drive every decision, attitude and action we make. We are going to take a journey to discover what it looks like to live out our values (or not), and what our responsibilities as leaders to embody those values every day.

Value Results and Relationships

Success. We strive after it. We devote an enormous amount of our energy pursuing it. But can you define it? Most often, managers will define success as a healthy bottom-line. And they are not wrong, but there is a tension here, isn’t there. The tension is that you work for a company that has a value of Put People First. Many managers feel the tension to choose either results or relationships. I want to challenge you today that it is not an either/or, but rather effective leaders realize that success is predicated on my ability and willingness to value both results and relationships. So what does that look like and how does a manager make that shift in thinking?

Engage and Develop Others

We’re tackling the question, “What is the secret to becoming an effective leader?” Last week, we looked at the fact that effective leaders have a clear vision for what we are aiming for and they communicate it with clarity and regularity. This week, we will look at another secret to effective leadership: Engaging and Developing Others. We will discuss what it the opportunities that you have to invest in the lives of those you are leading, whether in the workplace, at home or in your community. We all influence those around us. That’s what leaders do. But are you adding value to their lives? Check out this week’s blog.

See The Future with Vision

Imagine that you have a bow and arrow in your hands right now. You pull back and take aim at a white wall and release. Then you walk up, pull out your red marker, and draw a bullseye around it. Imagine the joy you feel knowing that you hit your target! OK. Time for a reality check. Everything about this is backwards. But let’s set the bow down and pick up a few others things...