Soaring on Wings Like a...Buzzard

I had the chance to go to Mount Magazine a few weeks ago while on a retreat. I sat on a ledge overlooking just an incredible view of the valley below and the Ouachita Mountains to the south. The wind was howling, but the sun was shining. I saw what I thought was an eagle soaring majestically at eye level coming down the ridge. My mind went to Isaiah 40:31, “Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.  They will soar high on wings like eagles…” Wow! I thought, what a neat God moment. I watched as he came near me with absolute grace. And then I realized it was a buzzard. He passed me and then circled. And he kept circling right above me...pretty soon four of his friends showed up. I did shower that week, so I was fairly certain it wasn’t me they were smelling. At least I hoped not.  

Which Way is Up?

One theme that runs throughout the scriptures is… “Trust Me.” That is our message from God. When I started flying lessons my instructor asked me, “Larry, do you trust me?” Of course I said yes. “But do you trust me enough to believe that there is no situation that you can get this aircraft into that I cannot get it out of?” I had to think on that a minute. I had to trust him enough to believe that he was not going to let anything bad happen.

In the Strength of the Lord (Psalm 71:16)

One of the advantages of the division of time into cycles is that of enabling us to regard the commencement of each day as a time of new beginning.  The opportunity of a fresh start is made available even to the most disheartened.  Happy is the person who echoes the words of the Psalmist with the resolve to begin each day, “in the strength of the Lord.”