How to Change the World

There is an awful lot going on in our world today. In the rare times that I turn on the news anymore, it feels like a daunting task when I begin to think of what I could do to bring any positive change at all. It can be easy to slip into despair or, as I like to call it, “learned helplessness” - and yet there is still some incredible opportunities that you and I have to have a positive impact on the world around us.

In the Midst of a Storm

It has been pouring rain all morning. Like buckets of rain. I watched it coming down off my back porch this morning before coming into the office. I thought of the many conversations I have had in the last week and a half. Many of you are going through your own personal storms in life. As I prayed for these individuals by name this morning, I thought I would focus this week’s blog on finding peace in the midst of life’s storms...

Giving Out of Little

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to sing with a gospel quartet in Marion, SD, with a group of guys that go pheasant hunting up there every year. It just so happened that this Sunday the entire community was celebrating “Harvest In-Gathering". Each year on this particular Sunday, the farmers gather together and they celebrate the harvest being over and they make a special offering for missions - both local and around the world.


I remember one time, my youngest brother thought it would be clever to carve his initials, “J.D.B.” into the wet concrete in our neighbors freshly-poured driveway. Probably what you expect from a 13 year old! He and his buddy thought it would be funny, but what he did was selfish. He wasn’t thinking of the impact it might have on someone else, just did it for a good laugh. Maybe your kids have done something similar? Maybe you have a similar memory from your days?