The Best Foundation For Life

I read that the Empire State Building stands one hundred and three stories tall.  It reaches one thousand two hundred and fifty-three feet or almost one-fourth of a mile in height.  If all of the materials which went into the construction of this building had been loaded onto one train, it would have been fifty-seven miles long.  The building contains ten million bricks, over six thousand windows, seventy-five miles of water pipes, and two million feet of electric wiring.  This gigantic structure, weighing in excess of three hundred and three thousand tons, needed a tremendous foundation.  The architects and engineers excavated down until they reached granite which is the basic rock of our earth.  Upon this rock they laid the foundation for the Empire State Building.

As a building must have a firm foundation to withstand the winds and storms of time, so must our lives be built upon a solid foundation if they are to withstand the pressures and strains of life.  Before Jesus began His teaching ministry He was a carpenter.  It is possible that He had assisted his father in the building of homes.  In the Sermon on the Mount He gives to us instructions and specifications for building a life.

Jesus spoke of two foundations upon which you can build.  You can build your life on the sure foundation or the faulty foundation.  The faulty foundation upon which you build will be shoddy and unstable.  It will prove to be unsafe when the storms of life beat down upon you.  This foundation may be built out of things such as materialism, pleasures, excitement about anything which would intoxicate for the moment, and evil influences.  The sure foundation upon which you build, Jesus, is referring to faith in Himself as the Savior and a life of obedience to the will of God.  Jesus’ message is that life will cave in upon the person who shuts out God.

The storms of life are certain to come.  You may experience a storm of sickness, death of a loved one, disappointment, disillusionment, financial loss, temptations to do wrong, and on I could go.  Life will not always be easy, consequently, the foundation upon which you build your life is of tremendous importance.  The foundation for the Empire State Building was as important to its owners as the foundation upon which you build your life.

Jesus concluded, the life of faith and obedience on Him is stable and secure.  The life which is not founded upon Christ Jesus will not last.