The Meeting

Many years ago, before the world was formed and before time began, there was a meeting. Sitting around a table, at least that’s how I imagine it, was a very wise heavenly father, an extremely obedient son, and a spirit that was holy and able to be everywhere and anywhere all at the same time. As they sat around the table the meeting soon turned into a planning session that went something like this...

Father: “I want us to make something…a world.”

Son: “Yes, and we can make it with a lot of different parts with pieces of rocks that they will call planets revolving around a burning ball that they will call a sun. And we can make…not just a world, but whole galaxies in a universe that can include many worlds.”

Spirit: “Okay, that’s feasible, the planets will need to be round and revolve around the sun and rotate at the same time, and they can be in orbits so they don’t bump into each other, and we can set that in motion in such a way that it will last for a very, very, very long time.

Father: “And on one of those planets that are orbiting around one of those suns we can get creative with living things…like we are living beings.”

Son: “Yes, and there can be living things that have bone structures and some that don’t. There can be some with two legs, some with four, and some bugs with many legs. There can be different colors and some can fly and others will walk while some crawl.”

Spirit: “Yes, we can create that planet in such a way that when it rotates and orbits there will be a force they will call gravity that holds them down to the planet and some will get the things they need for life by breathing air into lungs and others by getting what they need in the water.”

Father: “And among those living things, let’s create a being to take care of the earth that we can walk with, talk with, and fellowship with.

Son: “Yes, they can be like us in that we are one, yet there are three of us…Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. And man can be made in such a way that they will multiply, have sons and daughters…and grandsons, and granddaughters…they will really enjoy them.”

Spirit: “Okay, and if they are like us, will they be able to decide whether to walk and talk with us…will they have a will of their own? Will they be able to decide whether to obey or to disobey? Will they be able to rebel like some of the angels have already done? If so, what will we do with them? For in order for them to be like us and have fellowship with us, I will breathe into them the breath of life and they will live forever…just like us…and…

Father: “No, let’s not make man in our image. If they sin…no, when they sin, in order to redeem them, to pay for sinful disobedience would be way too costly. I couldn’t stand to watch. So, let’s not make man at all. They will sin in defiant disobedience…and we just can’t pay the price. It would be too costly.

After a time of silence…

Son: “Yes, let’s do it. Let’s create man. Let’s create him in our image…body, soul, and spirit. Let’s give mankind a free will. Let’s make them male and female so there can be boys and girls and grand-boys and grand-girls.

Father: “Son, Do you realize what this means for you?”

Spirit: “And do you realize that you will be on your own? And do you see the hurt and heartache that will be involved?”

Son: “Yes, I see all that it will involve. I will go to their world. I will be born as a human, son of a virgin. I will live a sinless life, and offer myself…my life to pay for their sin. That way they can be with us for all eternity.

No, I don’t have any verses to “proof text” what I have just written. No, I don’t have any evidence that just such a meeting took place. I remember having heard this story from someone. If I could remember who that was many years ago, I would gladly give them credit.

I am convinced that God…Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…did plan this world and everything in it. I am convinced from the entirety of scripture that nothing has ever taken Him by surprise and that God is in control. I also freely admit that I put the grand-boys and grand-girls in this story for my own benefit.

I am convinced that Jesus, God’s Son, did come to our world live a sinless life and that He is the real reason for this season, He is what Christmas is all about.


Chaplain Larry Hendren