Parenting Fail

I think God has a sense of humor. In fact, I know He does. So yesterday, I was thinking about what I would write about for this week’s Notes for the Journey blog. I thought, “Hey self, maybe I should write something on parenting.” Seemed like a great idea. I jotted down a few notes, planning to come in this morning and WOW our readers with my depth of knowledge regarding the world of parenting. 

Oddly enough, around 5:45pm last night, I found myself with a pair of tweezers trying to fish out a foreign object out of my daughter’s left nostril. I was unsuccessful and we ended up taking her to the Simmons Clinic, where our heroes for the day, Korrie and Kendal (Seriously, our Clinic staff is the best!), were able to calmly and efficiently retrieve the bradford pear seed that my oldest son convinced Caitlyn to shove up her nose. 

That being said, I don’t feel like I have much wisdom to offer on the subject of parenting this morning...haha! Fortunately, we have an incredible database in RightNow Media@Work of people who have had success, made mistakes, learned from them, and are willing to share their wisdom with others. 

Parental Guidance Required | Andy Stanley 

Of all the assignments God will give you during your time on earth, none may be more sacred than the task of raising your children. The Parental Guidance Required study is designed to give you the counsel you need to help prepare your children for the future. Intended for use in personal study or in small groups, Parental Guidance Required is a practical resource that will encourage you to look at the relationships in your children's lives and ask the important questions. 

Visionary Parenting | Rob Rienow 

God has brought your family together for a grand purpose! Visionary Parenting will help you discover it. Through this Visionary Parenting series, you will be inspired from the Bible to catch a fresh vision of God's purpose for your family. You will be inspired to build faith and character in the hearts of your kids. This series captures eight key visions for your family based on a foundation of Deuteronomy 6:5-7. 

God's grand vision for the home

  • A God-filled normal life
  • Biblical motherhood
  • Family worship
  • Multi-generational faithfulness
  • A safe home
  • Biblical fatherhood
  • Discipline that disciples

Visionary Parenting: Encouragement for Single Parents | Rob Rienow 

This five part series will be a blessing and encouragement to any single parent.. Single parents will come away with a clear plan for passing faith to their children, and lots of encouragement from God's Word to face everyday challenges.