Blessed or Stressed?

Well, we’ve arrived at the Christmas season again. Some of you have already braved the lines during Black Friday, and some of you have already begun some of your Christmas traditions. I want to challenge you to really examine and reflect on what these next few days could look like for your family.

What is something you have always wanted to do during Christmas time that you usually “forget to remember” until after it has come and gone already?


  • Send a handwritten note to someone special to you
  • Bake cinnamon rolls or cookies and deliver them to a neighbor, friend, or chaplain (just kidding!)
  • Buy gifts for a family who may not otherwise have any

If you will be with family this Christmas, what is one memory that you could make together that would make this year significant and special?


  • Go caroling
  • Make hot chocolate and sit around a fire and laugh together
  • Make a point to tell each person in your family something that you appreciate and love about them

Pretend you receive a call today from Jesus. He’s coming to your house for Christmas. What would you differently? Would He be pleased and honored?

Take time today and really think about these questions. Make this Christmas one that you and your family will never forget.