Effective Communication: Connecting with an Audience

I have always had an almost insatiable fear of speaking in front of people. Fear of embarrasing myself, or saying something foolish. I was so concerned about what other people thought about me that the anxiety was almost more than I could handle. It wasn't until learning some of these keys to communicating in front of an audience that I gained confidence to speak in front of large groups. I want to share a few of them with you today...

Effective Communication: Connecting with a Group

How do you increase your effectiveness in connecting with others in a group? This blog unpacks each of these questions and gives some practical tips and tools to become a more effective communicator. I’ll also give you a framework for living out Simmons Values as you are connecting with a group of people during the next meeting or presentation that you give.

Let’s Talk About Suicide

It is with much hesitation that we publish this article. We hesitate because we know that the pain is so very real and so acute. Still, with hesitation, we offer it to you because every suicide prevention training that we have had says, “LET’S TALK ABOUT SUICIDE.”

At the end of the article is the true story of one from our own community. It is the story of a SUICIDE SURVIVOR…not a survivor of an attempted suicide, which is different. This person has had two people very, very close to her that took their own lives. So, only read that story with a warning. 

Her message is that only God has gotten her through this, and if you are considering suicide…PLEASE, LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.