Let’s Talk About Suicide

It is with much hesitation that we publish this article. We hesitate because we know that the pain is so very real and so acute. Still, with hesitation, we offer it to you because every suicide prevention training that we have had says, “LET’S TALK ABOUT SUICIDE.”

At the end of the article is the true story of one from our own community. It is the story of a SUICIDE SURVIVOR…not a survivor of an attempted suicide, which is different. This person has had two people very, very close to her that took their own lives. So, only read that story with a warning. 

Her message is that only God has gotten her through this, and if you are considering suicide…PLEASE, LET’S TALK ABOUT IT.

The Blessing of Receiving Help

My husband, Alston, had been in the hospital for two weeks of what would become a 57-day hospitalization. It was an emotional day because we thought we would be to the point of moving into a rehabilitation hospital, but it was not so.  I took some time to reflect on the two weeks that had gone by and realized I was struggling with a concept that was somewhat foreign to me...receiving help.  A major part of my life had consisted of being in the role of helper and I was very much comfortable with that role.  But things change when you’re in a hospital setting and you really do need help.

Soaring on Wings Like a...Buzzard

I had the chance to go to Mount Magazine a few weeks ago while on a retreat. I sat on a ledge overlooking just an incredible view of the valley below and the Ouachita Mountains to the south. The wind was howling, but the sun was shining. I saw what I thought was an eagle soaring majestically at eye level coming down the ridge. My mind went to Isaiah 40:31, “Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.  They will soar high on wings like eagles…” Wow! I thought, what a neat God moment. I watched as he came near me with absolute grace. And then I realized it was a buzzard. He passed me and then circled. And he kept circling right above me...pretty soon four of his friends showed up. I did shower that week, so I was fairly certain it wasn’t me they were smelling. At least I hoped not.