Good Grief Books

Good Grief Books

Below are some grief aftercare resources that our Chaplains have available. Some topics that are covered are: walking through grief, parenting grieving children, pregnancy and infant loss, grieving the death of parents, grief after suicide, and grief and the holidays, among others. If you wish receive any of these resources, please email Chaplain Larry Hendren at 

Don’t Take My Grief Away From Me by Doug Manning

How to Walk Through Grief and Learn to Live Again. 

Offers comforting words, heartfelt understanding, and encouraging guideposts for people on the grief journey.

Thoughts for the Lonely Nights by Doug Manning

A Combination of Discussions and Journal Space. 

They say that writing orders the mind, therefore there is space to journal as you journey. This book is intended for those whose greatest difficulty comes in the long lonely nights. 

Lean on Me Gently by Doug Manning

Helping the Grieving Child. 

This booklet starts with these words, “Grief is a family affair. It doesn't just happen to parents. Nor does it just happen to children.” Doug gives parents some helpful insight into what to expect as children grieve, what to watch for, some helpful suggestions, and further resources. 

Thoughts for the Grieving Christian by Doug Manning

A Combination of Discussions and Journal Space. 

This book is intended for those who draw their strength from their Christian faith.

Memories Too Few by Kathy Manning Burns 

A Letter to Parents about Pregnancy Loss. 

In this booklet  Kathy says, “I have written this book as I would write a letter to a friend who had suffered a pregnancy loss, stillbirth or newborn death.”

I Know Someone Who Died by Connie Manning

Helping Children Navigate Grief and Loss. 

This coloring book designed for ages 3 to 8 is in a format that encourages parents and children to sit together, fill in the information and share some special time and feelings. 

the empty chair1.jpg

The Empty Chair by Beryl Glover 

The Journey of Grief After Suicide. 

This book is intended for those who journey through the shattered dimension of grief following suicide. Written by a grieving parent, and sharing their story as well as the stories of others, how they coped and what worked for them.

Thoughts for the Holidays by Doug Manning

Finding Permission to Grieve.

This booklet  is now in its third edition, reprinted several times since 2001. Principles given here for the Holidays apply equally well for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 

Share My Lonesome Valley by Doug Manning

The Slow Grief of Long-term Care

This book outlines the care-giving journey. It is intended to help the caregiver deal with the quiet sorrows of caring for loved ones.

Finding Your Way after Your Parent Dies by Richard Gilbert

Hope for Grieving Adults

This book  has many ideas for those who have lost a parent. 

Special Care Series by Doug Manning

Discovering Permission to Grieve, Discovering Significance, Discovering Understanding, Discovering Comfort. 

This is a set of four booklets to use the first year of the journey of grief. Most find these most helpful if received throughout the year. 

Special Care Series (En Español) by Doug Manning

Discovering Permission, Significance, Understanding, and Comfort. 

This is the same series of four booklets translated into Spanish. Also available in an audio book CD.